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Less than perfect credit

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Credit Problems?

The interest rates quoted on this website are primarily for borrowers with "A" credit – or a nearly perfect credit history. If you have a less than perfect credit history there are mortgage products available that will accommodate credit problems. These products are known in the industry as "B&C" or "BCD" loans. CompareInterestRates.Com is in the process of developing a search engine on the interest rates of "B&C" mortgages. However, many of companies listed on CompareInterestRates.Com may offer these products.

To locate lenders that may offer "B&C" products, check the list of lenders in your state by clicking here and choosing the state your property is located in.. Then go to a lender’s website for more information on their "B&C" offerings. As always, CompareInterestRates.Com encourages all customers to contact several lenders for an exact quote on your exact scenario.